Sales for natural-based beauty and health care products jumped10 percent from 2016 to 2017, compared with a 2 percent spike for beauty and health care products overall. Here are a few reasons that may be the case:

1- Scientific advancements: Many natural and naturally-derived ingredients are just as chemically and biotechnologically advanced as synthetic ingredients, and many have been scientifically proven to be equally effective.

2-   The planet’s limited resources: Med euro is a company that understands how scarce the world’s resources are. We take care that our outsourced products ingredients are matching and complying with health and environmental standards. More and more consumers research the ingredients they use and understand how they affect their bodies and the planet in general. Cosmetic, Health care companies are acknowledging those concerns, developing quality products that are not only better for your bodies, but also benefit the environment.

3- Human biology: The body’s ability to better metabolize naturally-derived ingredients lessens the risk of bioaccumulation, a result of the body reaching its limit of chemicals and toxins from either the environment or personal care products. When the body can no longer process or excrete them, these substances can accumulate and could have the potential to become harmful.

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